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CamEyes Productions (“CEP”), a division of EXCELLENT BROTHERS LLC, is a newly formed global diaspora-based film/media/ entertainment production company created by a seasoned professional actor, writer, producer, director, Frantz T. Excellent. The goal of CEP is to acquire, develop and produce current media content in diaspora entertainment.  Our goal is to generate sizable returns on profit for our investors and sustainability for business. Filmed media production is capital intensive.


Frantz T. Excellent

Writer, Director, Producer

     Founded CamEyes Productions since 1999, Frantz has been a community and regional actor for over 40 years. He has worked in local theatres along the east coast and the Midwest from Miami, Baltimore, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont and Chicago. He stepped back from theatre focusing his artistic vision mainly on film production. He has written several screenplays including Camden Eyes, Ideale, Cheche Moun DeBien (Searching for Good People) and Toussaint: Saga of A Revolution. He has also written a television scripted pilot, “The Crew” for Creative Cat Films. Frantz has produced, directed several stage and local projects including a Public Service Announcement video “Do What You’re Built For”, a TV commercial pilot “V8 Splash”, music video “Party All Night”, and educational videos “Imhotep Charter School” and “The Last Africans: Life and Times of Omar Ibn Sayyid”.


Apart from entertainment, Frantz worked in retail sales and management. He had been a Business Sales Rep for a regional bank then transitioned to an Assistant Vice President Retail Branch Manager at another local bank in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. During the pandemic, Frantz decided to return to his first love—film and storytelling for an international audience. Frantz still currently lives in Delaware County, Pa, but still occupies residence in Chicago. He is hoping to return to South Florida and reestablish his roots. As part of his commitment to producing the feature series TOUSSAINT: Saga of A Revolution. Frantz is learning to speak Fon, the language of the original Africans from Benin, West Africa, who were brought to Saint Domingue during Transatlantic Slave Trade.

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